Web-Werbung ist tot – wie dann Geld verdienen?

Interessanter Beitrag zum (erneuten) Scheitern von Werbung als Geschäftsmodell im Internet und die Misere der Medienhäuser und Publizierenden auf Seobook :

When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied".

Wenn man von Werbung also nicht leben kann und (hochwertige) Inhalte ohnehin beliebig kopiert werden können, was gibt es dann für Alternativen, um im Web Geld zu verdienen? Interessante Antworten liefert ein Artikel auf “The Technium”:

So what can’t be copied? Technium proposes adopting some of the following qualities:

Trust – When all else is equal, you’ll prefer to deal with someone you trust
Immediacy – many people will pay to see new release films, but little for or nothing for them six months later. Be first.
Personalization – customize an offering to individual preferences. It is more time consuming, but it encourages a relationship
Interpretation – Red Hat give Linux away but sells the support service. So is the software really "free"?
Authenticity – if you buy a knock off, it doesn’t feel like the real thing.
Accessibility – could you make free products more accessible? Charge for that service. Related to nterpretation.
Embodiment – the music is free, the concert is expensive
Patronage – people WANT to pay. It lets them offer a token of their appreciation. Make it very easy to do.
Findability – Google works on this premise.